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Welcome to Lee Brett Pool.com
Home of world class pool coach Lee Brett

Lee has coached and advised top players John Morra, Shane Van Boening, Darren Appleton, Mike Dechaine and many others. Lee is now known in his field as one of the world’s top billiard coaches, with a record to match with the success his players have achieved.


The Secret Art Of Pool – Is the 1st instructional book by Lee Brett, Lee has decided now is the time to share these secrets in his instructional book.

Covering his “V” grip technique, his 1 to 5 set up sysytem, Inside & Outside the box, how to have strong fundamentals, including sighting, alignment, stance, bridge hand & arm, follow through, 100% aiming system, and much more to mastering the art of pool.


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 Just finished watching Lee Brett’s DVD preview on YouTube. It’s almost 15 minutes long and has more info on it than he probably should have released for free. Very knowledgeable fellow. Some great new insights into pool instruction. Even the Old Beard learned a few things, and verified a few others.

Along with body fundamentals, aiming, and the other necessities, he touched on Mental Aspects, a favorite subject of mine. Body language, pesona and such. If you are ever going to play good, you had better earn respect from your opponent.

Freddy The Beard


I have just finished a 2 hour workout on the table (with the book) concentrating on the eye patterns and I am hooked =) Love the information written and cannot wait for the DVD release. I will be one of the first ones to buy it as well. Brilliant!

I love the way you present the information in the video clip Lee. Very to the point and confident.



The quickest 15 minutes on pool that I have watched. Quick because it is pack with information and presented very well. Thanks Lee & Mark. - resmock




Independent Event

Lee Brett’s The Secret Art of Pool Sits #1 on Amazon.com


Published in November 11, 2011, Lee Brett’s The Secret Art of Pool is an instructional book that encompasses the detailed steps on how to execute the innovative techniques that he’s implemented in coaching pool players to world champion status. Brett has now made his book available on Kindle through Amazon.com. Two days after his Kindle version release, Brett’s book has soared to the number one best seller position and has continued to remain in the coveted spot.

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 Lee Brett’s

AZ Billiards Instructional Column

The Cut Break




A few days after the Mosconi Cup, I was in Best Billiards hitting some balls when a few people got chatting about the break and how the Europeans had it mastered like an art. They continued about how the Americans were really struggling to come to terms with it, not making the 3 points for a legal break, as well as losing the cue ball.

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Happy Clients Pro’s

  •  John Morra
  •  Darren Appleton
  •  Shane Van Boening
  •  Eric Dockerty
  •  Phil Burford
  •  Mike Dechaine

Happy Clients Amateur’s

  •  Martin Tarvydas
  •  Dave Segal
  •  Louis Goenarto
  •  Joey Aguzin











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